Water Tupelo - Pollinator Friendly

Water Tupelo  - Pollinator Friendly
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Water Tupelo  - Pollinator Friendly

Price listed is for 10 seedlings.
WATER TUPELO (Nyssa aquatica) - Pollinator Friendly Water tupelo grows in deep swamps and on bottomlands along water courses in the coastal plain from southeastern Virginia to northern Florida and southeastern Texas and north in the Mississippi Valley to southern Illinois. In North Carolina, this species is found in the coastal plain swamps. This species is nearly always found on alluvial soils that range in texture from plastic clay to silt loam. Typical water tupelo sites are underwater much of the time. In forest conditions, this species produces a long clean bole, strongly buttressed at the base. This tree is of commercial value to the forest industry as lumber and veneer production and pulp for paper production. Water tupelo is found in relatively pure stands as well as mixed stands with baldcypress. Seed production is usually prolific; a heavy crop is produced nearly every year. The fruit is a large drupe that serves as a source of food for wildlife, birds and small animals.