Atlantic White Cedar - Containerized

Atlantic White Cedar  - Containerized
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Price listed is for 334 seedlings.

Atlantic white cedar (Chamaecyparis thyoides)
Atlantic white cedar, known locally as juniper, is exclusively a tree of the Coastal Plain. It is found in freshwater bogs, depressions, swamps and along streamsides. It grows with baldcypress and swamp hardwoods, but usually is found in pure stands called "glades".

The tree reaches 40 to 85 feet in height and about two feet in diameter. The branchlets are covered with dark blue-green, overlapping scales about 1/8 inches long. The fruit is inch in diameter, bluish-purple when ripe and has a somewhat crumpled appearance.

The bark of the Atlantic white cedar is light reddish-brown and peels off in long, fibrous strips. The wood is very durable, fine grained, not strong and is slightly fragrant. It is used for shingles, posts, woodenware and interior finishes and is highly prized for boat construction.